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Amie's Review of Savage Collision by T.L. Smith ~ RELEASE BLITZ ~

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Title: Savage Collision
Series: The Savage Love Duet Book #1
Author: TL Smith
Release Date: May 12
Genre: Contemporary Romance



A kiss could bond you, taint you, claim you. If you let it, it could own you. 
A kiss from a stranger was highly unlikely. 
A kiss from a man who hid himself from me, yet slowly tormented me, was unlike any other kiss. It was the kiss of death. 
It was my hands in cuffs chained to his waist. 
And only he could set me free. How could I be so blind? How could I have let a man that was delicious as sin take a grip on me? No matter how hard I tried to pull, those cuffs stayed glued to him as the wall that stood between us. 
I had to smash that wall, I had to see the truth. 
Even if we collide. Even if he’s my own savage collision. I have to be set free.




How exactly do you write a review for a book that plays such mind games on you...
This is what I have been struggling with all week !! I enjoy the dark/twisted mind games of TL and I am always intrigued to see who it is that her writing makes me connect with - because it isn't always the person I expect or want. This is a duet so you go into it knowing you will stuck with either a huge cliffhanger or some major unanswered questions or BOTH. I am left trying to figure out which I want more - the answers to Milanka's past and what happens when she blacks out and why OR how Connick ties into all of this since we come to find he knows her mom and the ex from high school wants her away from him. I don't want to spoil and I don't want to blabber on and on so this is a short and sweet vague-view !! If you are a fan of TL just read the book , you know you want to and that you will enjoy it. If you are new to her work and you enjoy mind games then totally dive in !! There are some things that may cause triggers and again it is dark and twisted so be warned but be adventurous !!

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