Friday, May 26, 2017

Jill's Review of All The Way by M Mabie

"I was going to keep my word, but I was also keeping her."—Cord Taylor

All the Way is LIVE!

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A contemporary romance with a mouthy redhead and a sexy, charming hero.          
 Swoon. Laugh. Fall in love.


 I’m a man’s man. A bro. A pal. A dude. And I love women. Am I a saint? Far from it. Do I go out with a lot of women? You’re damn right. I date them all. Shy. Loud. Too busy. Lonely. High maintenance. No confidence. No filter. Bad habits. Naive. Beautiful ones. Pretty ones—and believe me there is a difference, but that’s another soap box. Point is, I don’t discriminate. What do I get out of it? Knowledge. I want to be prepared, adept, and ready. I might find the perfect woman for me today or a few years from now, but I won’t stop until I do. Then when The One comes along, I’ll be ready to go the distance. Ready to go all the way. I’m Cord Taylor, and, lady of my dreams, I’m coming for you.



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4 stars for - All The Way - a stand-alone romantic comedy from M. Mabie. This newest book from one of my favorite authors had me laughing the whole way through. With characters you can not only relate to, but fall in love with this is definitely a book you want to read. 
Dana Rogers is done with the "hot guys" who always break her heart. She is on the hunt for a normal guy who wants to settle down and be real with her. So when she meets Cord and he doesn't fit into the regular category she figures one last fling is all he's worth.
Cord Taylor is gorgeous, successful and does everything he can to learn about what a woman wants and needs. While he is interested in Dana and tries to reassure her, she categorizes him as a "hook-up". Only time will tell if she can believe in Cord and realize not all things are too good to be true.
I absolutely loved this sweet, funny (and a bit angsty) love story full of characters that only this author could bring to life. Can't wait for the next book to have me falling in love all over again :) 

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