Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Amy's Review of My Dearest Maggie by Tessa Gray

My Dearest Maggie
Author: Tessa Gray
Cover Designer: Jada D'Lee Designs
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 7, 2014
Page count: 146


When Maggie Hanlon's father, Ken, is diagnosed with Alzheimer's, the family dynamics are forever changed. As Maggie and her sisters agonize over how best to care for their father, Maggie makes the ultimate sacrifice to remain at home and care for Daddy. Painful as it is, she breaks off her relationship with Gage Stewart to continue her role as the dutiful daughter. Just when she's got everything figured out, a letter from her father changes everything.

My Dearest Maggie by Tessa Gray
4 stars
Reviewed by Amy W.

It all started with the letter; one for each of his four daughters. As the first book in the Crescent Falls series, My Dearest Maggie lays the foundation for a moving story from author Tessa Gray about a family's struggle with Alzheimer's.

From start to finish this was a beautiful story full of realistic characters dealing with the challenge of the family illness. Set against the backdrop of a small town, there's a dose of nostalgia that comes with a grocery store that still makes home deliveries.

The story focuses on events three years after Maggie Hanlon's father was diagnosed. She is trying to adjust to the changes that have happened. When she encounters Gage Stewart as he's delivering groceries, both of them feel a spark.

What follows is a touching story about a young woman desperately seeking a diversion from dealing with her father's illness. However, she's not so sure that a commitment is in her future.

Although there's obviously romance taking place throughout the pages, there's a solid storyline. The romance simply adds a sweet touch.

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