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Amie's Review of The Scars Series by Nikki Sparxx ~ RELEASE BLITZ ~

Title: The Scars Series Box Set
Author: Nikki Sparxx
Release Date: March 10, 2016
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The Scars of Us (#1) -
Kaiya Marlow has always been cautious, precise in every decision she makes. When her dark past threatens to resurface, she decides to take precautions to protect herself by enrolling in self-defense classes at her gym.
Her instructor, Ryker Campbell, is the tattooed womanizer everyone warns about. Kaiya attempts to resist Ryker's advances, but the more time they spend training together, the harder it is for Kaiya to resist him.
Ryker's view on relationships is simple: strictly sex, nothing more. Haunted by demons from his past, he never allows himself to become attached to any woman. No attachment means no weakness, no vulnerability, no pain. He doesn't realize that his whole world is about to be turned upside down when Kaiya enters his self-defense class. Determined to have her, at least for one night, Ryker sets a plan into motion that will change both of their lives forever.
Will love be able to heal their scars, or are they too deep to overcome?


Mending Scars (#2) -
Even though Kaleb is out of Kaiya's life, the scars he left behind remain a constant reminder of the pain he subjected her to for most of her life. Still tormented by those old demons, and plagued by the events of that traumatic night, Kaiya has more to deal with as she moves forward with Ryker.
Ryker's past continues to haunt him when something unexpected flips his and Kaiya's lives upside down. Neither are prepared for what's to come.
What happens when the past refuses to stay buried?
Will their love continue to be enough to overcome the obstacles they'll face, or are their scars too severe to mend?

A solid Box Set - I love the box sets so I can read the complete story and not wait !! Bonus content is always a plus too !! Pages and pages of serious hotness , true love , drama , heartache , abuse and finally some happiness. Looking forward to more...

BOOK 1 The Scars Of Us- 4 stars
I have had the paperback for awhile now and let me just say it was so nice to be able to look at that cover while I was reading !! I am a BIG Andrew England fan so I picture him in stories regardless but having him on the cover - being Ryker - WOW AMAZING !!

I loved this story - typical chance meeting of two very similar people. Both with pasts they don't want to share yet pasts that dictate their present behavior. Ryker is now a manwhore after the number his ex pulled on him , he has no family and although he is an amazing trainer and loves his job it is a bit empty. Kaiya is haunted by her past anytime she looks in the mirror , what she went through was horrific and may be a trigger for some - be warned. Her nightmares are so real and thankfully she has her wonderful and amazing older brother Kam with her to help her through. She also is short on family but enjoys her job and has a couple great friends including Bryce who is her chosen friends with benefits. When you get her story you will find it amazing she can even handle that. When Kam takes Kaiya to his gym the pull between Ryker and her is too much to avoid. The kickboxing class , the training , their instant connection and comfortability with each other was great. I loved watching Ryker slowly break down her walls. They both have scars to heal and sadly that doesn't happen by the end of this book. They may have jumped one major hurdle but the events at the end of this story will only make the struggle more real. Ryker and Kaiya are super hot and I would love a book that was just filled with their sex scenes !!  Ryker and those strong muscular arms - yum yum !! Book 2 is gearing up to be great.

BOOK 2 Mending Scars - 4 stars
WOW - after the events ending book 1 you would think there was some kind of relief for these characters - no such luck. Kaiya may be able to rest easy knowing Kaleb cannot hurt her anymore but the amount of suffering Kam is no struggling with has her on high alert , not to mention the menacing texts and phone calls. Between Kam's guilt eating him up and the therapy bringing their past to the present he turns to alcohol to help him through. Kaiya and Ryker may be going strong but when fear and doubt creep in all great things can chance being ruined. Ryker has finally reached out to his brother and is trying to mend the fence , doing that puts him face to face with what happened in his past. Although the time has come to forgive and move on Ryker is having a hard time keeping those issues out of his and Kaiya's relationship. I went along for quite a bit assuming a certain thing and never even thought of what it could actually turn into. There is a couple of twists and some major drama AGAIN. Will they finally catch a break ?? That 4 years later epilogue may just warm your heart. I truly enjoyed the series and was so happy to have both paperbacks so I could read right in a row and check out those covers anytime I wanted !! 

Lover of angst, drama, and happily ever afters, Nikki Sparxx is the bestselling author of The Scars Series, and The Elemental Prophecy Series. She previously wrote under the name Nikki Narvaez, but has adopted a new, sexy pen name to better suit the style of her books.

When she’s not writing, Nikki enjoys reading, playing Texas Hold ‘Em poker, and spending time with her real life book boyfriend, Landon.

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