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Publication Date: February 8, 2016 

Genres: Adult, Contemporary Romance, Mafia

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Filthy Marcellos: La Cosa Nostra is not just a choice of regime and routine, it’s a culture. Born as mafia royalty, the Marcello brothers were raised ingrained with the beliefs and rules of what it meant to be a Mafioso prince. It is for life. Their status is considered a given right. They will always be these people. They will always be Marcellos.
Family first. God second. From bosses and sons, to husbands and lovers. Made men, fathers, and killers. Life is a chess board in Cosa Nostra and these men are the kings. You can’t be a Marcello if you’re not filthy. The Complete Collection features the short novel Antony, and the three full length novels Lucian, Giovanni, and Dante. It also includes the 20k prequel to the Legacy series, featuring the Filthy Marcellos next generation.






What more can I saw about this author and this series. I have previously read and review Book 1,2, and 3 of this series so I am aware of how this series goes.  However I do recommend that you read this book first but it is not totally necessary.

The beginning of Antony's story is more informative than anything, it introduces the reader to the main people in his life and what he had to do to become head of the Marcello Crime Family. But the book really picks up when Antony meets his match, a quite beauty that makes his heart jump. Once Cecelia was introduced, the book took a whole different turn. We saw that Antony would do just about anything for this woman but when "La Familia" calls, sometimes the ones we love will have to get put on the back burner. 

Antony's story spans a few decades and follows the "Filthy" Italian through his wedding, taking over the family business and the birth of his children. It also explains some of the questionable situations that happen in the future books, such as Cecelia only gives birth to 2 sons but Antony has 3 boys....(read the book and find out what happens). 

I found myself smiling throughout this book and give mad props to Cecelia because she was written as a strong woman who could put up with just about anything. 

Great book and I am so glad Antony got his story! Even if it was a novella!

4 Stars!!!

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Okay so it is a known fact that I am a Alpha Male junkie. Give me a book where the main guy is a hair pulling, rough around the edges, walking bad boy and I am diving head first into it. But this book was all that and SO much more! Not only was the main character a TOTAL ALPHA HOTTIE, but had this touch of class about him that was unmistakable. He is the type of guy who would make you swoon and cut your throat at the same time. Not only did I find this book to be absolutely pantie melting but at certain parts I found myself blushing as some of its steamy dialogue.

Our story starts out with Liciano Grovetti, son of a major player in New York's Mafia, but being that his mother was his father's secret so became Liciano. Not long after his birth, both his parents were killed causing young Lucian to become a street kid. His luck changed one night when he was discovered digging for food in a dumpster by his father's friend and former business associate Anthony "The Don" Marcello. Anthony took control of the situation and immediately took the boy into his home and adopted Lucian. With now having a instant family; including a loving mother and two rambunctious brothers, Lucian (now his new name) was presented with just about anything a boy could want and soon became Mafia Royalty.

It was always a known fact that he would join the family business and with accepting the fact, Lucian soon became one of his father's Capos. He had his own businesses and had his own crew but when he came across some trouble with a local MC, Lucian's whole world was turned upside down. Deciding to send a message to the MC President, Lucian along with his brothers decide to stop by the MC-owned strip club to discuss certain matters. But what he didn't think he would see the beauty he ran into at church a few weeks back. How could he focus on delivering the message when the girl from his dreams is standing right there?

Jordyn Reese, who was raised in the MC life, isn't in the greatest of positions. At one point in her life she had protection from her then husband, but after his unfortunate death she is now "Club Property". The last thing Jordyn wanted in life was to be owned by the MC but with a threat by the club's president (that she must stop being a cocktail waitress and start stripping), sends her into a panic. Her strong willed nature causes trouble for Jordan but she refuses to down without a fight, and a fight she what is gets. What's worse is that all the bruises and cuts will eventually go away but her feeling for the sexy stranger she saw in church won't.

Taking care of the MC was what Lucian intended to do but taking care of wounded Jordyn soon became his main priority. She needed protection and he soon realized he needed HER! Both Lucian and Jordyn embark on a relationship full of emotional struggles and sacrifices that both will have to make. Can Lucian let his guard down and allow Jordyn to enter his heart and help him get through all his inner struggles? Can Jordyn accept his lifestyle and become a instant target for a whole new reason?

This was my first time reading the authors work and I was extremely happy with this book. There was never a dull moment between this bunch and the main characters were very easy to fall for. Both of Lucian's brothers were phenomenal. They were not only were they total alphas but at times playful and total momma's boys. I couldn't wait to dive into their books. Being from a large Sicilian family myself, I found it comforting that the author had constantly stressed how important religion and family was to this crazy group. It may sound trivial but sometimes that is the only thing a person has when faced with trouble.

Total 5 star read

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This ARC was given to me in return for my honest review.

Being born as Mafia Royalty can sometimes be hard on a individual but to Giovanni Marcello, it's what he was born for. The youngest son of New York's infamous Anthony "The Don" Marcello, Gio took to the business like a natural. He became a "Made Man" at the age of 17 and quickly climbed the ranks to become a Capo. However not everything is as great as it seems. Gio is the life of the party, always having fun and cracking jokes but with his love for getting high and drinking, his family is worried. Unlike his two brothers, college drop out Gio finds himself the black sheep of the family and is threatened by his father to either clean up or he will be shipped off to Mexico for rehab.

While taking a break from his oldest brother Lucian's wedding, Giovanni meets a gorgeous mystery girl at the hotel's craps table and becomes enchanted by her forward sexual advances. Whats one night? It's not like he hasn't had a one-night stand. Hell, it's very rare that he even stays after the sex. Something about this girl gets to him but when he wakes up and finds her missing, he is put off his game. He can't seem to get her out of his head. With pressing "Family (Mafia)" matters to attend to, Anthony puts Gio on a plane to Vegas to try and see whats going on.

Kimberlynn Abella or Kim as she is like to be called, is a Mafia Princess herself. She is the daughter of one of Las Vegas' made men and what's even worse is that she is the fiancee to a fellow Mafia Prince. But this arrangement by her father is not what she wanted out of her life. She wants to go to school and live and normal life, however both her father and fiancee have different plans for her. She is to made into the perfect Mafia wife, one who cooks, cleans and is always submissive. But all she can think about is Gio, who she met at Lucian's wedding and their steamy night together. She knew who he was but with not reveling herself to him, she thought it would be just a night to let loose. But was she wrong.

Having to do business with Franco Sorrento, Gio's skin was already crawling but when he discovered that not only was his fantasy girl in Vegas but she was also the fiancee to the jerk Franco. Gio broke one of the sacred rules of La Costa Nostra, DO NOT HOOK UP WITH A MADE MAN'S WOMAN. But Gio can care less. Throughout his time in Vegas, Gio and Kim meet up several times and break the rules even more. However Kim can't seem to shake her feelings for him. He treats her so much better than Franco. Gio is kind, loving and attentive. Not abusive and dominate like Franco. But can Kim break away from Franco and still be able to be with Gio? Can "The Family" accept that Gio not only slept with Kim once but is slowly starting to fall in love with her? Will both face the ultimate punishment for breaking all the rules?

This book is fantastic. I fell in love with Gio in Book 1, which was about Lucian. He is a very charismatic character who you can't not fall in love with. He is quick witted, has a foul mouth and knows how to have a good time. However Kim is his total opposite but somehow is her perfect fit. She balances out the craziness that is Gio and is willing to sacrifice plenty to have a happy life. Again as I stated in my review for Book 1, I adored the family dynamic in these books. The Marcello's are always open armed and nothing what you would expect for a family deeply rooted in the Mafia. Think of it like The Sopranos meets Mr. Rogers. Hahahahahaha Well I would give this book 5 stars just like I gave Lucian's book and I can't wait to dive into Dante's book. We see more and more of him and his situation in book 1 and 2 and I am curious to see what his deal is. 

Total 5 Star read !

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When I read Lucian's book, I thought I fell in love. Then after I read Giovanni's book, I thought I fell a little harder but after reading Dante's book, well I absolutely fell head over heels for this bossy Italian. 

Dante Marcello's life was planned even before he was born. The eldest "naturally born" son of Anthony "The Don" Marcello, New York's biggest mafia boss, he was groomed to someday take over. He did everything his father ever wanted. He went to college, at one point in time ran his own crew and moved up the Mafia ladder to become his father's Underboss. But the one thing Dante needs to accomplish in order to become the new "Don", after his fathers retirement, is to get married. Unlike his two brothers who married for love, Dante was never into the idea of romance. His only love was for La Costra Nostra. He took care of his sexual needs when the time came but to fall in love with a woman, well that is something he wasn't interested in. What kind of life could he provide for her? Yes, he was rich and could offer her anything money could buy but emotionally he was closed off. Plus it's not like he could father a child. A childhood virus rendered Dante incapable of procreating and he would never deny a woman from being a mother. By already being 29, Dante has only a year to find and marry a full-blooded Italian woman. This is something not only he is aware of but with pressing tension between the fellow "Made Men", Dante is starting to scramble for a solution.

Enter Catrina Danzi, a ghost supplier for drugs,who's street crew is slowly encroaching on Dante's territory. After finding out who been doing business in his city without his permission, Dante soon sets up a meeting with Catrina. When meeting her, Dante can't get over how not only is she beautiful but lethal as well. Cat or Queen, as she is know on the street, has a agenda of her own and a proposition for Dante that he might not be able to refuse. He needs to get married and she needs his last name and also his protection.

With seeing that this may be his best way out of his predicament, Dante agrees to marry Cat. Both want the same thing out of this marriage. They agree that neither one is interested in romance and Cat is totally against having children. However this union does not sit well with everyone. Some of the Marcello Family members aren't to happy about the union. Can Cat get through to them? Can she make them see that both she and Dante need this in order to go on with their lives?

This marriage arrangement was suppose to go a certain way. Dante would use his marriage to gain the title of "Boss" of La Costa Nostra and Cat would use his last name to protect a secret that she is hiding from everyone, but something happens between the two that neither one expected. EMOTIONS!!! Neither one thought that they would be in this situation and after a few sexual slips, both Cat and Dante start to feel something for the other. But can Dante offer Cat a great loving life? Or will he be a cold-hearten Don who just used her so he could move up the Mafia ladder?

With not giving the whole story line away, I can tell you that both characters are a perfect fit for each other. Cat is exactly what a guy like Dante needs. She gives as a good as she takes and isn't afraid to voice her opinion. Dante on the other hand is so much more than he was made out to be in the first 2 books. We as readers see the great amount of pressure he is under to not only do whats right by his family but also to make a name for himself. He is total Alpha in a complex sort of way. And lets just say that some of the things that comes out of his mouth are downright sinful.

I think Bethany saved the best brother for last. I just loved how this story wasn't just all rainbows and puppy dogs. It had heartache and a touch of realism that was totally refreshing . I also enjoyed that the epilogue gave the readers a glimpse into the future for the three brothers and their families. There were pleasant surprises that I am not going to tell you but I am content with the way it ended for the entire Marcello family.

The author noted that even thought the series ended there will be a spin off, which I am excited about. Hopefully is includes the new generation of the Marcello family. And also, there is a prequel to the series. It is Anthony's story, which I am so ready to dive into.

Total 5+++++ star read. 

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Bethany-Kris is a Canadian author, lover of much, and mother to three young sons, one cat, and two dogs. A small town in Eastern Canada where she was born and raised is where she has always called home. With her boys under her feet, snuggling cat, barking dogs, and a hubby calling over his shoulder, she is nearly always writing something … when she can find the time.

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