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Sheri's Review of Wolf's Mate by Chantal Fernando ~ RELEASE DAY BLITZ ~ GIVEAWAY ~

Chantal Fernando
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From USA TODAY bestselling author Chantal Fernando comes the latest in her steamy Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club series featuring biker bad boys and the strong women who love them.

Vinnie was once the youngest prospect at the infamous Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club but finally, he’s going to be initiated as a full-fledged member! But when Vinnie (now known as Wolf) puts on that WDMC leather for the first time, little does he know what he’s in for. The Wind Dragons have made enemies, and being a member means being on the front lines…



The last person Vinnie (aka Wolf) wanted to owe a marker to was Talon (President of the Wild Men MC). But when a Wind Dragon makes a promise, it is just as good as gold. They live by their word but when Talon calls to cash in the marker,Vinnie is going to be in for a surprise. Being told that he is to guard (babysit) Talon's cousin for one week was the last thing he thought he would do. A gun run, a random shakeup or anything was better than playing guard for a spoiled little rich girl. However when Vinnie arrived at his location he was in for a big surprise....

Shay was tired of being on the run. Every month Talon moved her to a new location, gave her a new guard all for what? Nothing was happening. Her father was in jail and maybe the guys who were after her totally forgot she existed. Yeah right, only in her dreams. Talon was making a big deal about this and Shay didn't know why. She only worked for her father and did his books the way he taught her to. She didn't do anything wrong. Or did she? Did she really need all the different locations and guards? No but then when her newest guard walked in the door with a bad attitude, Shay decided that she would make his life miserable.

Although both Vinnie and Shay initially were attracted to each other, their first introduction wasn't the nicest. To him she was just the spoiled little rich girl who was given the world and took it for granted. To Shay, Vinnie was just the typical macho male who thought he knew her whole life story just by looking at her. But little did Vinnie know, he was dead wrong. After spending time together, Vinnie's realized that his first impressions were wrong and Shay dropped her guard and let Vinnie in. Both soon started to act on their mutual attraction but soon after trouble soon reared its ugly head.

After having to flee, Vinnie had no where to take Shay. Well he did but the clubhouse was the last place he wanted to bring her. By bringing her to the clubhouse, he would have to lay claim to her or let he be a club girl. And that was something he wasn't sure if was ready to do. He didn't want anyone else to have her but he wasn't so sure if making Shay his was the best thing to do. Would the MC accept her? Would Talon come for his cousin and make trouble with the MC? What if the men after Shay attack the clubhouse? Could he let the only family he knew suffer because of a maker that somehow made it to his heart?

In Wolf's Mate, we find all the past characters present and see how each and everyone of them fit into Vinnie's life. From family BBQ's to club parties, they offer Vinnie the family he never had and it's extremely sweet to see how each one depends on him for different things. In the previous books we readers got minor glances of who Vinnie really was, however in this book we can see why his road name is Wolf. From being alone all the time, to running with a group of men, he is truly protective and will do just about anything to keep someone he loves safe.

Shay is not your typical heroine. She started off somewhat rude to Vinnie but after we learn her reasons why, liking her became easy. She just like Vinnie was all alone in the world and had more in common with the Wolf than she realized. The constant banter between the two was hilarious. Shay gave him such a hard time and like the gentleman he was, Vinnie not only took it but gave it right back.As a major fan of Chantal's I have read many of her books and found that the Wind Dragon Series is my favorite. Each book can be read as a stand alone but truthfully is much better if read in order.
I would give this story 4 stars only because Arrow somehow holds a place in my heart as the "Ultimate Wind Dragon" but Vinnie's sweetness and Shay's smart mouth make this couple a favorite as well.


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New York Times, Amazon & USA Today Bestselling Author Chantal Fernando is twenty seven years old and lives in Western Australia.

Lover of all things romance, Chantal is the author of the best selling books Dragon's Lair, Maybe This Time and many more.

When not reading, writing or daydreaming she can be found enjoying life with her three sons and family.

Chantal loves to hear from readers and can be found here:

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