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Sheri's Review of Ravage by Tillie Cole ~ RELEASE BLITZ ~

(Scarred Souls #3)
Release Day Tuesday 16th August 2016

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Is finding one's true love worth committing the greatest sacrifice of all?

Taken as a teen, prisoner 194 was stripped of his name and freewill, meticulously honed to be a ruthless machine. Even as he tries to fight his captors hold on him he knows that obedience is the only way to save his sister, who is the one person that keeps him from turning into a monster.
As a young girl Zoya Kostava barely escaped the brutal attack that killed her entire family. Now twenty five she lives in secrecy. That is until she hears her brother also survived and is living with their greatest enemy.
Zoya risks her safety and anonymity to find the brother she thought dead and is captured by a beautiful, brutal man. A man who both captivates and scares her, in him she sees a soul as lost as her own.
They both have so much to lose will they be able to save each other…and survive

*Cannot be read as a standalone*

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The only goal for "194" was to kill. Kill anyone his "Mistress" instructed. What was his reward? A glimpse of the sister (Inessa) who he had promised to always look after or eventually her release. But kill after kill, his goal was pushed farther and farther away. With instruction from his "Mistress", "194" was given the assignment to kill. Kill Zaal Kostava in retaliation for the murder of his "Mistress" lover or at least bring him back to her. With a metal collar attached around his neck (which projected a obedience drug in his system) and a address for Zaal, "194" was on the hunt. However when he arrived at his desired location, he saw someone else scoping out his target. Why? Who was she? There was only one thing to do......After seeing her twin brothers taken away and the rest of her family slaughtered, Zoya Kostava was forced to live in hiding for the past 20 years. However when her guardian (Avto) gives her the news that her brother Zaal is alive and engaged, Zoya so excited. Finally she has not alone in this world. To excited see her brother, she makes the horrible mistake of going to him that same day. But when she sees him in the window with his fiancee' (a girl born to the family of their mortal enemies) Zoya pushes past her hatred and starts to approach the door. But when she goes to make contact, a hand goes around her mouth and she swept off into the night.

His sister is alive! His baby sister survived the massacre and is alive. Zaal Kostava must find her. He owed it to his deceased twin brother to get his family back. 
But when he finds out that she has been kidnapped, Zaal and the whole Russian Mafia will stop at nothing to bring his precious Zoya home.

As a master of torture, all "194" has to do is find out who this girl was to Zaal and get the Georgian Murderer back to his 
"Mistress". But when his torture tactics don't work on his captive, "194" decides he has to make her suffer. Day after day, he does just about everything he can do to get the girl to crack but she just won't give him her real name and relationship to Zaal.

At moments in time after he has been injected "194" does regain some clarity and shows his captive a side of himself that not many people have seen. Zoya soon realizes
 that the collar around 194's neck is the reason why his eyes go black and he becomes manic. But when those black eyes turn blue, she gets a glimpse into a tortured soul. During a moment of clarity, 194 reveals his give name is Valentin and tells Zoya his past and how he and his sister has been held captive for 18 years. In return, Zoya offers the truth in who she really is and her relationship to Zaal. But what is he to do? He can bring Zoya back to his mistress and hope she releases Inessa or he can let Zoya go and risk being held captive longer.

With loving encouragement from Zoya, Valentin breaks his collar and finally is free of his 
"Mistress" and her poisons. But like all good things, they must come to a end. After showing Zoya how much she means to him, Valentin's"Mistress"" appears, puts a new collar around Valentin's neck and take both back to her chamber. Will Valentin revert back to "194" and destroy the only person who seemed to get past his revolting appearance? Or will Zoya realize the monster he truly is and turn on him? Can Zaal put all the pieces together get Zoya back and not destroy her torturer?

At times I found myself cringing with the descriptive details of Valentin and Inessa's backstory. It was downright heartbreaking. By reading about the horrible things that had happened to him as a child, the beatings, the rapes and the torture it shows us just how complex this character truly is. At the beginning I found myself realizing that this character was a little different from he rest of the men who were in the pits. He remembered.....he was able to break through the drug induced fog and remember everything.

Zoya, who name means "life", embodied just that. She was a true survivor and showed such strength. Her resistance never faltered when she was tortured by Valentin or even the mistress. She had everything a true Georgian Mafia Princess possessed. Her only downfall was her feelings for Valentin. She allowed this man into her heart and couldn't let him go. But little did she know it was the right thing to do. She was the reassuring voice that kept Valentin in check. Constantly telling the scarred man he was loved and worth something. By doing that it allowed Valentin to open his heart to her. 
Words can not express how beautiful the dialog was between these two. It almost brought a tear to my eye at times.

I loved how this book was written in not only Valentin and Zoya's prospective but Luca's as well. It allowed us to see just how the former members of the pits (Zaal and Luca)  were making out and what they were willing to do to not only get their family members back. But to the extent they were willing to go to in order to close down and destroy the men who had brought them their own horrendous pain.

Honestly I wasn't expecting a walk thru the park when I picked up this book. Having read many of Tillie's other books, I knew that most of her hero's start out as anti-heros (or at least to me they do). At times you will want to hate them and wish the heroine would just up and leave. But just then these manic men allow us a glimpse of their beautiful soul and we are all goners. Fantastic job Tillie, I don't know where you get your morbid ideas but I really don't care. Just keep them coming. I do understand that there will be one more book in this series and with the sneak peak at the end of this book. We know that Inessa will get her story. My only hope for her is that she is able to be set free and find herself some happiness just like the other have.

Please know that this is book 3 in the Scarred Souls Series and in order to get the true story, you MUST read book 1 and 2. You would not be totally lost but sometimes confused certain specifics.
5 Star Review . This ARC was provided in return for a honest review.

Author Bio

Tillie Cole hails from a small town in the North-East of England. She grew up on a farm with her English mother, Scottish father and older sister and a multitude of rescue animals. As soon as she could, Tillie left her rural roots for the bright lights of the big city.
After graduating from Newcastle University with a BA Hons in Religious Studies, Tillie followed her Professional Rugby player husband around the world for a decade, becoming a teacher in between and thoroughly enjoyed teaching High School students Social Studies before putting pen to paper, and finishing her first novel.
Tillie has now settled in Austin, Texas, where she is finally able to sit down and write, throwing herself into fantasy worlds and the fabulous minds of her characters.
Tillie is both an independent and traditionally published author, and writes many genres including: Contemporary Romance, Dark Romance, Young Adult and New Adult novels.
When she is not writing, Tillie enjoys nothing more than curling up on her couch watching movies, drinking far too much coffee, while convincing herself that she really doesn’t need that extra square of chocolate.

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