Thursday, August 18, 2016

Wendy's Review of Not About Love by Hilaria Alexander ~ RELEASE DAY ~


Strong and independent, 
Wrong for each other in every way. 
But the heat, the passion, the pull. 
When we were together, 
The chaos turned to desire, 
I was his. 
He was mine. 
For the time-being. 
Different countries. 
Different worlds. 
Just sex. 
No strings attached. 
That's how Boyd Rivers wanted it. 
And exactly how I liked it. 

But sometimes, fate has other plans... 
Can it really be not about love?

***Not About Love is the second book in the This Love series but can be read as a standalone***


4 stars

From the little teaser that Hilaria gave at the end of This Love, I was hoping that she would write a story about Boyd and Ally and I was so glad that she gave it to us. 

The relationship between Ally and Boyd was very interesting. Both are not a fan of relationships and love. They have dealt with that kind of drama in the past and they each do not want to deal with it again. So of course they start out having fun but as time progresses will things start to change? I really enjoyed Ally and Boyd. They were great characters. They were so much alike and I loved seeing how they grew as the story continued. Their banter was great and made the story flowed that much easier and made it an enjoyable read. I also enjoyed reading about Lou and Ella again and it made me happy to hear more from them. Overall, this book is fun and sexy. The story flowed great and the writing is fantastic. I have read all of Hilaria’s books and have enjoyed every one. She is definitely someone that is on my radar. This is a great read. 

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