Friday, August 5, 2016

Amie's Review of Shattered Chances by Addison Kline

Title : Shattered Chances 
Author : Addison Kline 
Genre, Romance, Suspense 

"We're crazy in love, but we're crazier apart. " From Addison Kline's Breaking Black series,
Randy and Cheyenne have had a tumultuous love affair spanning two decades.
Meeting as teenagers, they were inseparable, until the impossible happened.
Life had ripped them apart. Chance after chance, their love grew, but the pain intensified with each tear of their hearts.
Life and a man named Trent Myers made sure that their path was steeped with treachery. Not everything is as it appears in this redemption love story of epic proportions. "Every chance we had was shattered, only to allow us to build something more beautiful."


Having read about Randy and Cheyenne already in the series I was happy to finally get the full story of them. Their POV's , their retelling of how an amazing high school love could go so very very wrong. What I love the most about this story is that it spans over years , nothing fast moving about it. You get the story of their past , of their times apart and of their final chance to right their wrongs. Cheyenne may be the one who went off the deep end BUT Randy made his fair share of mistakes. Being that I read books 1 & 2 so long ago this was nice because there was some overlap and I did get to almost re-read some of the major moments of Averi , Colt and the family. There may be some triggers in this story - those with issues reading about addiction , sexual and mental abuse may be warned this can be a tough read at times. 

Randy and Cheyenne's journey started when they were teens and it was never easy. Cheyenne suffered a major loss right after meeting Randy and her home life only went downhill from there. Her mother and stepdad were horrible people and because of them Randy and Chey suffered years of torment. Cheyenne suffered the worst at their hands and those of the town drug pusher Trent. Due to her inability to trust anyone Chey never confided in Randy about what REALLY happened and because of that things were assumed and hearts were damaged. It is heartbreaking to be on the outside looking in , to hear them both pleading but not being able to help them. Can Randy and Cheyenne find their way back to one another , can they forgive and/or forget , can they start over and finally have the life they dreamed of years and years ago ?? Hang on for the ride and know it is not an easy one.

Addison Kline is an International Best-Selling Author who resides in Pennsylvania with her family. When she is not writing, she is immersing herself in music, reading to her heart's content, traveling with her family, or binging on her favorite shows on Netflix that include Wentworth, Bloodlines and Sons of Anarchy.

Addison is a member of the International Thriller Writers Association and while she loves to write in a variety of genres, Addison always says "mystery is her game." Some of her other favorite sub-genres to write include romantic suspense, psychological thrillers, crime and mafia thrillers.

Some of Addison's greatest influences to date include Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, Harper Lee, Gillian Flynn, Emily Dickinson, Jane Austen & James Patterson.

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