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Sheri's Review of Devil's Iron MC ~ Pearl's Journey by GM Scherbert ~ BLOG TOUR ~

♡☆♡☆The box set of Pearl's Journey the first three books in the Devil’s ♡☆♡☆

TANK´S PEARL Devil's Iron MC book 1 

My husband committed suicide two years ago, leaving me with two small kids. I thought my life couldn't get worse. Then, I met Tank, I fought the attraction that I felt for him. Giving into it might be the best thing that has ever happened to me. As it turned out, I was wrong, our worlds do not play well together. 

PEARL´S BLAZE Devil's Iron MC book 2 

I cannot believe that he left me there. I don’t know how I will do this alone, again. My body, heart, mind, and soul are broken. I just need to feel something, anything, before it is too late. I have to find a way to get what I want, no, need, before I go insane with this pain. 

PEARL’S AWAKENING Devil’s Iron MC book 3 

I have to be who I am and live the life I want, because there’s no way I will ever go back to living for someone else. I’m lost to the feelings that I have for them, both of them. Struggling with what it is that I truly want is what made me run… again. I need to stay strong for my girls, and for the baby who will be sharing our lives soon. 

No matter what happens. Our happiness is all that matters. 

***This series contains strong sexual content, strong sexual situations and violence. Not intended for anyone under the age of 18***



Pearl, a 38 year old widowed mother of two, couldn't wait for a girls weekend. Just some time with her friends was what she needed in order to escape the bills, work or any other major responsibilities. However one thing she didn't expect was the young biker sitting at the end of the bar constantly staring at her. Better yet she wondered why she was staring back. Something about his green eyes made her not want to look away but when he approaches and offered to buy the groups drinks, she soon put her guard back up and declined his offer. Over the weekend both her and her girlfriends become accustomed to going to the bar and slowly start to engage in conversation with the biker known as Tank. On their last night Pearl decided to throw caution to the wind and takes a ride with the sexy biker to a local park. When things start to get hot and heave, Pearl soon stops Tank and questions his motives. She has been burned in the past. What cold this 27 year old hottie want with someone as old as she was? 

Abraham Aka Tank is a member of the Devils Iron MC and was on in town for the local rally. He never was a man who wanted anything permanent. Hell he was a love them and leave them type of guy. When he lays eyes on the sexy brunette at the bar, he can't stop these strange feeling that creep into his stomach. She is nothing like the girls he goes for in everyday life or even at the dungeon. But when he gets a taste of the sexy minx, he soon gets hooked. All he knows is that she may not be his or even open to being in something but she soon will. Pearl set something off in him and now the only thing to do is convince her that she is to be his. 

After a week from their first meeting, Pearl finds herself in front of Tank again and soon falls victim of his spell. Tank states at the very beginning of the relationship his feelings and intentions but Pearl just can't accept it. What is a girl to do? Yes the sex was great and she was totally into his dominate ways  but she was only out for a one night stand. Someone who could momentarily take her away from her everyday life and make her feel like someone else.  There was so much wrong with her. To much baggage, She couldn't do that to his or her girls. But both Tank and Pearl crave each other and soon start on a very fast paced relationship. Tank finds himself wanting to settle down and have a family now that he has found the perfect woman. Someone who embraces his lifestyle but not he just has to convince Pearl (again) that she is it for him. 

Both Tank and Pearl are intense characters. Tank is a no nonsense biker who knows what he ants and isn't afraid to spank Pearl when she misbehaves. He open up a whole new world of BDSM to her and quickly she jumps in finds herself liking it as well. The sex scenes are H.O.T. and made me blush at times. Also Tanks acceptance of Rose and Iris (Pearls daughters) was sweet. His ability to embrace them and totally let his guard down was just swoon worthy. 

Pearl was the typical strong single mother we hear about all the time. Someone who has been left to care for her family when either her husband leaves or does something wrong. At the time of Pearl meeting Tank, she is barely making it since her husbands suicide 2 years prior. She is full of self doubt and not use to being told how attractive she is. There is also the age factor that plays a major part in Pearls resistance towards Tank. She just can't get over why he would want someone as old as she was and with a family of her own. I loved how protective Pearl was of her girls when it came time to meet Tank. However the dominate man Tank was, he totally pushed himself into the girls lives early on and there was nothing she could do about it. 

Towards the end of the book there were a few times I wanted to punch Tank in this face. He was a total Dom when it came to talking and treating Pearl. But it didn't seem to bother her and she actually got off on his treatment. However in the end of the book she paid the ultimate price of Tanks lifestyle one night at the clubhouse. Pearl was then left alone and abused. Now with Tank no where to be found and shocking test results Pearl has to make some big decisions. But with the remainder of the club by her side, hopefully in the next book she can do what is best. 

This novella ends with a cliff hanger,sets us up with the next books main characters and plenty of questions of what will happen. Hopefully Pearl gets her justice and Tank comes to his senses. 

Please know that this a novella that contains many explicit BDSm scenes with total submission and control that is taken from one individual. This is not a light hearten or sweet series and is graphic and at times disturbing to someone who is not familiar with BDSM practices. I totally enjoyed this book and the writing style was fantastic.  Each character was complex and had so many sides to their personalities. The author didn't give us any fluff and kept the story as gritty and as real as possible. The ARC was provided in return for a honest review. 

5 star read. 


President of the Iron Devils MC, Blaze, never really knew what was so special about Pearl. There was nothing about her that was phenomenal as Tank said there was, but after one shared Dungeon encounter with Peal, she is all he seems to think about. Now even more after she was brutally attacked and rapped at a club party, she needs him more than anyone. Who cares if she is someone's else property! Tank stormed off and left his beloved  behind and now Blaze had no choice but to step up. With his fellow brother M.I.A. and Pearl unattached,can Blaze be there for her in her time of need? Can he convince her that she is to be with him and not Tank? Or should he just make sure she is okay and send her on her way?

The last thing Pearl wanted was to be left alone at the club after the attack. Her boyfriend left her there and who is she to trust. However the last person she thought she would turn to was Blaze. Sure he was older, handsome and into the same kinky things she and Tank were into but when she least expected it he offered her a shoulder to cry on. His support was something she seemed to crave in the moments after the attack and soon Pearl started to grow feelings for him. Can she push away her feelings for Tank and allow Blaze to enter her heart? Or will she end up hurt again, just like every other relationship she has been in? However when her past comes back, will she even be able to make a decision at all?

Here we go again with another twisted tale from G.M. that will make a reader do some thinking. In the first book I wasn't a big fan of Blaze and thought of him as a douche. Constantly telling Tank how Pearl was just average and nothing to go crazy over. However little did we readers know that Karma came and bit him in the butt and he fell head over heels for her. Blaze was the total package when it came to someone good for Pearl and her girls. He was constantly there for her when she was in need. He knew when to give her space in order for her to work out things in her head. And his dirty talk is just down right SEXY. 

Pearl was what we would expect in a character that has been traumatized. She clings to Blaze and never seems to let go. I totally understand her need to be not alone and her hatred towards Tank but I still seem to feel that she jumped into the relationship with Blaze kinda fast. One minute she had Tank in her bed and playing with her kids and then the next there was Blaze. I know this is a fictional book but I just kinda thought that she was setting the wrong example to her girls. 

The supporting characters in the book are phenomenal. All the MC brothers seemed to rally round Pearl and the girls and become their extended family.  From babysitting the girls to just watching the house, these burly men definitely worked their way into my heart. That closeness will definitely come in handy in the next book. 

Pearl's Blaze picks up right where Tank's Pearl leaves off, so the reader doesn't have to deal with time hops or any other issues that come with second books in a series. 

Great Book..... 4 Stars....ARC was provided in return for my honest review. 


Pearl's Awakening is the third book in the Devils Iron Series and it is the conclusion to this messy love triangle. 

Tank is back and seeing Pearl with Blaze, he knows there are some issues that need to definitely be worked out. However with Pearl now on the run from both of them, can he get to her before Blaze does and convince her that he is back and ready to stake claim. 

Now with Tank being back in town Pearl is confused. He was placed in the back of her mind the whole time she was with Blaze. But now that he is back and ready to be with her, Pearl feels torn. She developed a relationship with Blaze and he was the one there on the nights when she needed someone. Blaze was the one who went to the doctor appointments when she found out she was pregnant. So why can't see seem to get Tank off of her mind? Was she sick for still having feeling for him? With so much happening, Pearl and the girls are on the run. 

When two sexy bikers decide to team up and go and get their girl, Pearl doesn't stand a chance. Both Tank and Blaze are relentless in their search efforts and when they do find her, both want to make their cases known. Little do they know,Pearl has been having dreams that she could only in a  million years wish both of the men would agree to. Having her cake and eating it too is such a naughty thing to want but can she have both men? Will Pearl ever get the courage to express her feelings towards the men and they agree on it? Or will she have to make a decision between the two men that both seem to have her heart? 

There are a few more questions that will be answered when reading this book:
Will Tank find out what really happened to Pearl on the night of the attack?
Will Pearl forgive Tank for leaving?
Will both guys agree to sharing Pearl's love? 
Or will one back down and set away from the love of their lives?
Will we finally see what happens to the people who attacked Pearl and will justice be fully served?

Oh and don't forget there are steamy sexy scenes in this book that can make just about anyone blush. And the scenes at the Dungeon are HOT!!!!!! This story has it all m/f/m, f/f and m/f action, so if you are not into totally graphic and explicit scenes then this is not the book or you. 
I found that in the book Pearl really grew as a character. She was not the typical subordinate as she was in the first two book. We see that in her f/f scenes but also with her interactions with both Tank and Blaze. She finally has had enough of their crap and lays down what she wants. Good for you Pearl because in book 2, I wasn't really liking you. 

My heart went out for Tank in this story. Yes, he was a major jerk in the previous books but something about him got to me in this book. I guess it was how fast Pearl was able to more on to another name kinda bothered me and also how Blaze totally didn't keep up his end of "Bro Code". However I did like the outcome for Tank, so all in all I really was glad he was able to have a HEA. Blaze was just the same as he was in the second book. Always there for Pearl and constantly looking out for her. He did redeem himself when he was approached with different ideas from Pearl. This showed us readers that he really did want the best for her and would give her the world. 

Now I need to find out what is going on with Doc and I will be totally set. 

I received this ARC in return for my honest review. 

I was born on a brisk late April morning and grew up in a small town in the Midwest but, quickly decided that was not the life for her. I quickly moved away for college and thought better of returning to that small town on a long term basis. City living is defiantly the life for me...
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