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Amie's Review of Hell On Heels by Anne Jolin ~ BLOG TOUR ~

HELL ON HEELS by Anne Jolin
Genre: Women's Fiction Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 26, 2016


I use people. Not in a malicious way, but in the way an addict abuses their substance of choice. People are my vice—men specifically. I crave the emotional high they give me with a unique and reckless disregard for my own well-being—eagerly floating into an unsustainable euphoria, knowing full well that after every high comes an equal, if not more powerful, plummet into a devastating abyss. But like every junkie, I crawl willingly back into the arms of my demons.

Oh, the price we pay to feel loved. We’d all sell our souls to the devil himself for that. Perhaps I have already. 

They say that acknowledging that you have a problem is one of the first steps to recovery. Well, in that case, my name is Charleston Smith and I have a fucking problem.


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I love Anne - her stories have been great and this one is no different in that aspect but in itself a whole different style of story. More in depth , more reality and way more emotion than I could handle at times !! I will admit it took me awhile to connect with Charleston - I liked her all along but there were a few pieces of her that just didn't make sense to me until the end. See I too had to go on this journey with her to understand her more so by the time she was stable and happy I was able to finally say - OH YES NOW IT MAKES SENSE !! 

It has been 10 years BUT the loss of her brother and her best friend/first love still haunts her. Not only did she lose 2 guys that meant the world to her , she also lost herself. Her road to recovery has not been easy , with the help of a therapist , her family and friends she has managed to function and create a successful business. Yet she has some quirks that really keep her from opening up and fully trusting. She says she uses guys and has an addiction but the piece of the story we get is the here and now , she has met 2 guys and come face to face with one from her past. Things get pretty messy and confusing for her but this journey , these 3 guys , they help her realize so much more than I imagined she would. I laughed , I was annoyed , confused and shocked - by the end I was so emotional and those last few chapters and that letter from the author WOW. It may not have ended as clearly as I wished BUT the author really tied it all together with her words. She may just be a fictional character but I think we all have a bit of Charleston in us !!


“I’m ruined.” Kevin pouted, plopping down into one of the two patterned high-back chairs in front of my desk.

Fishing my cellphone out, I dropped my purse into the bottom drawer of the massive and incredibly overpriced desk, and placed the palms of my hands onto its distressed white surface.

“He’s so hot,” Kevin continued without delay. “I mean, I follow him on Instagram, but wow-ee! I want little blonde Abercrombie babies with him,” he rattled on, waving his hands in the air. “And Man Bun is like yum with a shot of dangerous, like you just know he’d wake up your neighbours. I’d like to call him Daddy—”

“Jesus.” I shook my head.

Kevin stirred, pulling his perfectly crafted eyebrows together. “What’s he doing here anyways? Are we planning one of his parties?”

Beau Callaway was notoriously known for hosting some of the best campaign parties.

“No. He’s expressed interest in sponsoring the Gala.”

Uncrossing his legs, Kevin’s eyes softened as he leaned forward. “The Gala is this Saturday. Can we manage another sponsor this late in the game?”

The emotions on my face war—they often did this close to the gala—and he noticed. Kevin was as perceptive as he was fabulous.

“Right then. I’ll make it work.” He stood. “Want me to fetch the dream boat for you, boss?”

I nodded. “Please.”

Without another word, he sashayed out the door and my nerves filled up the space he left behind.

I was nervous. Men in general made me nervous until I knew my way around them, but having someone like Beau in my space and here, regarding the gala no less, made me edgy.

I didn’t often mix business with pleasure, as I was messy with one and not the other. Though it’d been nearly three months since my last duet with a man and I was jonesing for a high this close to the gala.

The gala that honoured the memory of Henry.

My addiction prickled at the back of my neck.


Hey y’all, 
I was born and raised in Ladner, a small farm town just outside Vancouver, Canada. I grew up riding horses, shooting guns, and driving in trucks. 

I never expected to be an author. A massage therapist? Yes. Take over the family construction company? Yes. But an author? No. Writing was something that snuck up on me and rooted itself into my life. It was beautiful to discover that love, and I’m truly grateful to say I’ve found my passion. 

Since I’ve always been a creative person, it feels amazing to harness all of that energy and use it to tell a story I love. I enjoy incorporating bits of my real life into the stories I write. What parts are true? Hah. I’ll never tell—what would be the fun in that? 

If I could leave y’all with one thing, it’s that life’s far too short to not live it out loud. Drown in your passions, hold on tight to the things that inspire you, and chase your dreams relentlessly. I can promise you without a doubt that you won’t regret it. I know I don’t. 

Mad love, 
Anne Jolin 

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