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Amie's Review of The Seduction Factor 6 ~ Always & Forever ~ by Scarlett Avery ~ BLOG TOUR ~ GIVEAWAY ~

Title: Always & Forever
Series: The Seduction Factor 6
Author: Scarlett Avery
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: April 21, 2016

Ciara & Nikolaj’s fairytale romance blossoms into the billionaire wedding you've been waiting for! 
Two extravagant weddings set to take place in two cities on two continents merging two different cultures. 
What could possibly go wrong? 
Weddings have a way of bringing out the crazy in people... and it's no different for sassy Ciara and billionaire Nikolaj. 
When you add to that the stress associated with making their big day as memorable as possible, it makes for a lot of good drama—personalities clash, tempers flare, cultures collide and deep-seated secrets are revealed. 
Everything about Ciara and Nikolaj’s relationship has always been fast and furious from the very first day they met. It makes for a hotter-than-hell love story, but does it bode well for an upcoming wedding?
Will Ciara marry her dashing Danish alpha billionaire prince or will family turmoil and unexpected hair-rising curveballs force them to postpone their big day? 
Scarlett Avery delivers a smashing follow-up to an already illegally hot series. You’ll reunite with the characters you already love and discover a whole new lineup of quirky and endearing ones you’ll be totally captivated by.
The sixth book in this billionaire series is a real page-turner! Once you start, you won’t be able to put it down until you get to the very last page.
You’ll laugh, cry and fall in love all over again!


A great conclusion to a wonderful series. I enjoyed both sisters stories and i do have to say I could go for another round of stories from some of the others we have met along the way. Ciara scared me back in the day but now I adore her. The love and chemistry between Nik and Ci is phenomenal and I can't get enough of them. I love the way they work together towards their goals yet they are both so independent with their business ventures. I feel like a contradiction when i love a story like this - it takes me out of real life and throws me into a fantasy world of filthy rich and sexy men that sweep women off their feet and they live lavishly in many different places doing things I could only dream of. yet I still enjoy this because - the escape is amazing and they still have and express very real and very true emotions. I may not be able to relate to their lifestyles but the emotions and the love and family things are very real. 

Ci and Nik are in the planning stages of their 2 weddings and although this was what they thought they wanted they may be changing their minds. The amount of time apart and travel has taken its toll but it is so sweet and yummy when they reunite each time. I get swept away in their love it is fun and amazing. With new plans for A wedding Ci and Nik are hoping to please everyone and still have what they want without adding more stress. We shall see how that goes !! Between meddling family and new business ventures these two are extremely busy. I for one was looking forward tot heir big day - will we ever get there ??!!

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