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Amie's Review of The Ocean Between Us by Delisa Lynn ~ BLOG TOUR ~

"The lives they chose kept them apart – 
Is their love enough to bring them together?"

Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Release Date: March 15, 2016


Masters Sweet Baked Goods—the best bakery in Benton Creek.

Run by Hendlee Masters and her grandmother, Masters Sweets is the heart and soul of what’s left of Hendlee’s family. Raised by her grandmother after her parents died when she was only five, Hendlee’s poured her time and energy into building her own life in the small town she loves.

Best friends are hard to find—and even harder to keep.

Hendlee didn’t start to notice her feelings for one of her friends—Quaid Castings—until she was in high school. By then it was too late. Unlike her, his plans for the future involved ditching town and enrolling in the Naval Academy.

Just one night with Quaid is all she wants, but when it finally happens, it’s not nearly enough. And he’s leaving in less than twenty-four hours. 

The pursuit of happiness often requires leaving someone behind.

Quaid wants more than the country life. Joining the Navy is the best way to explore the world beyond the hills of Kentucky. Except chasing his dream means leaving behind the girl he’s been in love with all his life—Hendlee Masters.

When Quaid chooses a career in the Navy over the love of a small-town girl, will their fates once again align? Or will their love be lost in The Oceans Between Us?



This was my 1st read by this author - I know how lame !! I truly enjoyed every page of this book , even the angsty bad choices. This is a sweet romance that is plagued with drama due to miscommunications and distance. I am always a fan of the childhood romances and this has the makings of that but the realizations may come too late...

Hendlee suffered a great loss at a very young age , that piece of the story ripped me apart. She grew up in a small town in Kentucky with her Maw and Paw. It was there that she made her 1st and bestest friend ever. Hendlee and Quaid grew up together all throughout school. Of course they both love each other and everyone can see it is way more than friends but by the time they face the facts Quaid is leaving and Hendlee is begging for things that Quaid is having trouble saying no to. Hendlee has always wanted to stay in town with her Maw and help with the family bakery , Quaid has an adventurous side and has no intentions of sticking around to work his family farm. Quaid leaves for what should be 9 weeks of boot camp - we all know that 9 weeks turns into months and that turns into years. After their last night together it seems that Hendlee and Quaid will have everything they ever wanted once he is done and back home BUT long distance relationships are hard , especially when others get involved and doubts set in. I was ripped apart for Hendlee and I just knew there was a storm brewing. 5 years later the misunderstandings , secrets and lies come to a head and I was shocked with how some of it played out. I loved how it ended and I cannot wait for what comes next but I was a little surprised at how easily some of it came together. Don't get me wrong there is enough drama and heartache BUT sometimes my twisted mind wants more LOL. They have a solid group of friends , well minus 1, and Quaid's family is amazing !!  I also have to mention that Delisa writes a super hot sex scene and I was blushing and thinking that our convos may be slightly different from now on !!

Delisa Lynn grew up in Columbus Ohio, she is currently residing in Western New York with her husband and fur daughter Sophie. During the day she works as a Medical Assistant and at night, she types away on her laptop, allowing her characters to escape her mind. Pink is her favorite color, and she loves anything animal print. She loves traveling, shopping and baking. When Delisa isn’t working or writing you can catch her snuggled up with her kindle reading about her newest book boyfriend.

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