Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Amie's Review of Sinister Love by T.L. Smith ~ RELEASE BLITZ ~

Title: Sinister Love
Series: Dark Intentions Duet #2
Author: T.L. Smith
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: April 24, 2018
He was a drug I couldn’t kick. I’d overdosed on him before. It didn’t turn out well.
I was stupid enough to let him crack my heart, in hopes we would fall off the same cliff together. 
No matter how much my idiotic heart wanted to love him, my head knew better. 
He didn’t choose me. 
He chose her. 
That’s where the problem started. 
Maybe that’s how it should end.



Again I love this author's twisted mind and after reading other reviews I feel I have a different feel for Saskia than many. I say kudos to her for being THAT memorable that Ryken could never fully commit to Livia - I mean Saskia wasn't the one being cheated on and mistreated. She was getting hers and making her mark even when she was not near !! In the grand scheme of things it obviously wasn't fun not being able to claim her man and also lose the small family she had BUT regardless that all pieces itself back together once Livia smartens up and realizes she is the one who can't compete and will never really win. 

The start to this piece of the duet is tough to read. I never felt Saskia was weak when it came to Ryken but in the clutches of Amy and Antonio she was so very weak and I was shocked she didn't kick butt and take names. This may have triggers for some but luckily due to Ryken's terms there was no sexual abuse for us to deal with. As dark as this duet was it really did take a turn for the almost normal - or as normal as you could expect from this group of individuals !! Of course none of that happens without a MAJOR deception from an unlikely source. So like I said as normal as could be expected - super messy and touch and go BUT a nice turn around at the end !!


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