Friday, April 6, 2018

Amie's Review of Fixed Infatuation by Stacy Borel ~ BLOG TOUR ~

Title: Fixed Infatuation
Author: Stacy Borel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 26, 2018

Natalie Kirkland - “loved it”
Melodyslove4books - “5 stars!”
North & South Book Blog - “I loved this story and can safely say Stacy is back to her best! Looking forward to more in the future!”

Molly Hartford was a writer with big dreams, and even bigger aspirations. She had no idea how far out of her depth she was about to be, when she bought a dilapidated house in the Washington Peninsula. It was in desperate need of some help, but she was fully convinced that she could do majority of the work herself. A few self-help videos, and maybe a class at a hardware store — she’d have this in the bag.
Easy peasy. 
Before she even signed the papers, she noticed her sexy neighbor, Blake Whitmore. He was a general contractor with his own business and an eye for detail. Painting walls, repairing cabinets and caulking bathtubs were among his many specialties. Blake was dead set on showing her she had no business remodeling a home. 
Playful flirting, sexual innuendos, and physical attraction are all part of the job… right?
Except they both may find out that things aren’t all fun and games when walls come down, and layers are scraped away. Relationships are built on solid ground, but not when foundations are full of cracks and there’s so much more hiding underneath.

Always happy to read a book by this author to see what she has going on. The cover was enticing and of course I love the books with the hostile banter and hate like love !! Molly was an author ,who after her mom's death moved across the US to find a dilapidated home to redo. She figured by watching some how to videos she would be skilled enough to redo the home and get her writing done in between. Of course all plans are off the table when she spots her totally hot neighbor who ends up being a moody carpenter !! He attempts to convince her and her agent that he can do the work better , faster and somewhat cheaper but Molly is determined to do some of it alone. Ironically and hysterically everything she attempts to do without him ends with some kind of issue. Through it all they deal with each others annoying behaviors because they both obviously want the other. Things come to a head more than once but Blake's past weighs heavily on him and doesn't let him have much enjoyment. We get his backstory , which is heartbreaking, yet Molly doesn't know much about him or his family. The little bits and pieces he shares are nowhere near as devastating as what we know. In the end things come together BUT much time could have been spared with honesty and openness. 

3.5-4 stars for this story. I loved the basis for it but I did find it took a bit to get to the relationship piece and then that was ripped away from us so quickly... I was happy with an HEA but I also thought it could have went by way of a duet with this piece ending with a cliffy - you know the scene - and then maybe we could get a bit more of their relationship in book 2. Either way I loved Molly and Blake and always love a hot carpenter with tanned skin and nice muscles !! 

Stacy is a mother of three, lover of food, and self-proclaimed coffee addict. She is a world traveler and started her crazy adventures at the ripe young age of five. Her father was an officer in the Air Force, and it allowed for her to see places from the Azores, Portugal to Honolulu, Hawaii. Stacy went to eight different schools before she graduated high school. After having her first two children, Stacy decided to expand on her love of reading and tried her hand at writing in 2012. She released her first novel mid-2013 and thus began her writing career. At the moment you can find Stacy in northern Alabama typing away on her next book, and enjoying life. Contact Stacy at

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