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Sheri's Review of Rough And Raw by Hayley Faiman ~ AMAZON REVIEW TOUR ~

Title: Rough & Raw
Series: Notorious Devils MC #2 
Author: Hayley Faiman 
Genre: MC Romance 
Release Date: June 2016 

Brentlee Johnson-Corbin has always followed her mother's rules, even when it meant marrying a man she knew wasn't her happily-ever-after.

Bates "Sniper" Lukin, a retired marine, now rides with the Notorious Devils—his street name earned in the deserts of hell.
When the most precious part of Brentlee's world is threatened by the man who was meant to love them, she escapes to the only safe place she knows. But when she seeks the shelter of her sister, Kentlee, and her husband, Fury, her past steps in—and he's determined to protect Brentlee and her daughter as his own.
Their story is one of love discarded, but Sniper won't waste this opportunity to right the wrongs of his past.
Life has been cruel to them both, and Brentlee is certain that the love they lost is gone forever; but under his protective wing, she can't deny that this rough and raw man might be just the hope she needs.

 “I LOVE your writing and book two is even better than the first.” - Rambling from Beneath the Sheets
“Rough and Raw, this is absolutely the perfect title for this book. It was filled with raw emotion from the prologue.” - Reader Review
“If you like your heroes rough, and your journey to an HEA raw, then this is definitely a book for you!” - Author R.C Martin

Brentlee Johnson had the kind of life most teens lived for, especially when it came to her Boyfriend Bates. But what happens when your boyfriend joins the Marines and leaves you? Even though he vows that you will always have his heart and soul, he still leaves you. What is a teenage girl to do? All Brentlee can do is either sink into depression or she can pick herself up and jump from guy to guy. Anything to try and numb the sad feelings that are in her heart. Hell, when the times is right she even gets married to some smuck who seemed to be the picture perfect guy. But he was not Bates and little did she know the monster she just married. Beaten, raped and tortured, Brentlee can't believe what has become of her life. 

Bates Lukin thought he was doing the right thing when he decided to join the Marines. It was his only way to get away from his abusive home. He wouldn't miss anything about that damn town except Brentlee. She was his everything. Someone who would always have his heart. Not just a piece but the entire thing. However leaving town was best. Right? After retiring from the Marines,Bates joined the local MC, The Notorious Devils and given the road name of Sniper. He was they typical biker, hard and tough, had no problem with being with random ladies but he knew that deep down inside he could never get attached. He couldn't because his heart only for the girl he left years ago. 

Brentlee knew she couldn't go to her parents for help. They thought her husband was perfect and she was just to ignore the abuse. So she did the only thing she could think of. Brentlee knew of only one person who could help her out and that was her sister and biker brother in law. Maybe his MC could help her out. But the last person she thought would be there when she walked in the door was Bates. He couldn't see what kind of a girl she turned into. Plus now she wasn't by herself and had a daughter to worry about as well. Can these men protect them from her dangerous husband? 

The last thing Bates expected to see was his "tigress" walk into his clubhouse, a meer shell of the girl he once knew.And to top it off she had a child. Not a child by him but a child by her abusive husband. After learning of the reason for her arrival, Bates swears on everything he owns that they will be protected. He will make sure of that.  He lost her once and he won't let her go again. Now all he needs to do is win her back and make sure she knows that they are meant to be something. who cares if she has a child. He fell in love with Stella the first minute they were together. Can Brant convince Brentlee that they are going to be safe from her husband? And will Brentlee allow Bates back in her life? Or will she latch on to the hurt she has been carrying for all these years and realize that he was just in the past. 

Now what can I say about Bates. OMFG, he is the best thing since white bread. The type of man that doesn't show emotions to everyone but when that one special person appears he is a fountain of love. The was he was patient with Brentlee was fantastic. He was the perfect person to help pick up the once spunky girl and bring her back to life. Not caring who her father was his interactions with Stella was swoon worthy.  

The supporting characters were written with so much spunk and I loved how some of the guys gave Bates a run for his money when it came to Brentlee. I was glad Brentlee and her sister was also able to rekindle their relationship. It was something both ladies needed since both were now disowned by their parents. 

Rough and Raw is second book of the series but can be read as a stand alone. I was not able to read the first book but will definitely put it on my "To read" list. I thoughtfully enjoyed Ms. Faiman's writing and her dirty MC mind. I am looking forward to reading more about the guys from the club. 


ARC was provided in return for a honest review.

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