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Sheri's Review of Soulless by T.M. Frazier ~ BOOK TOUR ~ GIVEAWAY ~

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Bear & Thia’s epic is FINALLY HERE!


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I was mad at the world, at the whiskey for not being strong enough, at the drugs for not lasting long enough, at the fucking whores I banged for not getting me off when it was my fault my dick was fucking useless after a bucket of fucking blow. I went so far as to be pissed at random people on the street for laughing or smiling when I felt like I’d never be able to smile or laugh again.
How dare they?
How fucking dare they be move on with their lives like my friend hadn’t just died.
I was on the verge of losing what little sanity I had left when I rode out of Logan's Beach and set off to find a place, or places, where I could numb myself against the feelings that followed me from town to town, cheap motel to cheap motel, girl to girl, high to fucking high.
Then, this pink haired girl from the past came barreling into my life and it was like for the first time, I’d found a purpose. A real genuine purpose and not just some shit Chop spewed out as orders that I and every other member of the Beach Bastards took as bible, but a true reason to live again.
To WANT to live again.
Someone to live for.
Ti was my chance at some sort of real happiness when Lord fucking knows I had no idea what that really was before her. The only glimpses of real genuine happiness I'd ever had came courtesy of Preppy, King, and of course Grace. Like when King tattooed us for the first time and we loved them, even though they were crooked and downright fucking awful. Like when Grace made me my very first birthday cake. Like the time King Prep and I sat at the top of the water tower and thought the world was ours to take.
Because at that time, it was.
Then there was Ti and my new happiness became the first time I saw her smile. The first time I kissed her. The first time I tasted her pussy by the fire. The first time she let me inside of her, shamelessly pushing through her virginity in a frantic need to make her mine.
Because that's what she was.
That's what she would always be.
And I will kill every motherfucker who dares to try and take her from me.
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Every time I read one of Ms. Frazier's books, my "Love/Hate" relationship grows a stronger and stronger. I LOVE the content, sex scenes and the crap some of the hot alpha males say just makes me want to scream. But what I don't like is that not only do I finish her books within one sitting but I get the greatest book-hangover and anything else I read after that is just plain garbage. Why Ms. Frazier do you do this to us? I ask you this as a concerned fan and want nothing more than to have a endless supply of Jake, King, Bear and Preppy. Truthfully I must have read DLD at least 10 times and still get stomach pains when I know I am almost at the end of it. On another note, I just love how Preppy's spirit is kept throughout the series. He was such a part in the all the character's lives that I am really glad Ms. Frazier is keeping his spirit alive. OH and his witty banter is just to die for. 

It is so hard to write a review for this book without giving to many things away but please bear (no pun intended) with me, it might be a tad bit vague. 

Now back to my review for Soulless........WTH!!!!! I can't even begin to tell you how great this book was. I literally just finished it about 10 mins ago and I am still blown away. The story starts off right where Lawless ends. Bear is in jail for the murder of Thia's parents and is facing hard time. However just like the hot alpha he is, his main concern is Thia's safety. Her safety is trusted to King who in turn delivers Thia to her childhood home and her new babysitter, Rage. Initially when Thia sees her sitter is some young cheerleader type, she is confused but soon learns just how deadly the petite bombshell can be. 

After some "creative" mistakes done by the people handling his court case, Bear is released from jail and on a mission to not only get back to Thia but also get revenge on the Beach Bastards (thanks to some unlikely jailhouse sources). But can he defeat his father and his old club? Can he make a life with Thia and be the man she deserves? Will he ever stop hearing the voice of his dead best friend? (I told you this review was going to be vague due to the fact that everything I want to say will totally spoil it)

This book has so many twist and turns that it will keep a reader on their toes. So many people make appearances in this book and the twist and turns are crazzzzzyyyyyy. Just when you ask yourself "Why is this character even in this book", then you just want to slap your head when you read further in the book and the character's importance is laid out right before you eyes.......for example the book and you will find out. I am not going to tell you now,lol.

Oh and let's not forget about Rage, there is something about this girl and her story that has me intrigued.

I did get teary eyed at a few parts and the ending was just down right shocking....... This book is not worth 5 stars, a infinite amount of stars should be given for Soulless. I do know that it will be on my "Repeat Read" list from here on out. 

This Arc was provided in return for my honest review.
 Review can be seen on We Stole Your Book Boyfriend Blog. 

About the Author:
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T.M. Frazier is a USA TODAY bestselling author. She resides in sunny Southwest Florida with her husband and young daughter. When she's not writing she loves talking to her readers, country music, reading, and traveling. Her debut novel, The Dark Light of Day was published in September of 2013 and when she started writing it she intended for it to be a light beachy romance. has a beach in it!

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