Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Amie's Review of Whisper Forever by C.A. Harms ~ BLOG TOUR ~

Title: Whisper Forever
Author: C.A. Harms
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 13, 2017

Cover Model: Kristen Lazarus-Wood
Photographer: JW Photography

I wanted to forget him so many times. Erase the memories we shared and pretend he didn’t exist. It would have made his absence easier to accept.

Lucas Rivers broke my heart more than once. 
In my world he was my guy, the one I’d grow old with and laugh with. But things aren’t that simple, and time changes everything.
That naive girl with dreams of happily-ever-afters was gone. 
I didn’t need a man to complete me. I was enough—no, I was more than enough. I was strong and determined. I was Madelyn Emery, and never again would a boy break my heart.
But the moment Lucas returned after four years, acting like we could pick up where we left off, that strength inside me shifted. The more I tried to ignore his efforts, the harder he fought.
How can one simple word whispered by one man mean so very much?

Fun Under the Covers - “This book deserves 6 stars it's so good!”
Samantha’s Confessions - “Another great addition to CA Harms’ work! Love”
Brandy Paige Roberts - “Adore C.A Harms , a must read”
I Don’t Get Sundays Blog - “Madelyn and Lucas, these two made my heart feel like it was going to explode. C.A. as always does a great job giving us the story.”


OMG I love second chance romances - especially when you get to go back to childhood and see the couple as cute little kids saying the sweetest things !! Of course in reality there are years of heartache and then distance between our 2 main characters BUT it doesn't take long for them to realize nothing has changed when it comes to feelings and desires. If only they spoke up years ago !! 

Lucas was the typical boy next door - he accepted Maddy as one of the boys and even when she grew and changed and fell for him he still acted clueless. He of course went on to be the typical football star and hot guy at school. Everyone around town knew how Maddy felt BUT Lucas never did a thing about it. NOw after years apart they find themselves together at home and Lucas realizes that he never should have treated Maddy the way he did. There is a bit of angst , some heartache , some bad choices and then some serious hotness !! I always love a CAH book because she gives you a bit of everything and wraps it up nicely in a quick read story !! 

I love HEA stories, as long as they come packing a little heat. I need some excitement, some angst, and moments that make me fan my face are always good too. I am an Illinois girl, born and raised. Simple and true, it honestly doesn’t take much to make me happy. I love the little things; they truly mean the most. I may have a slight addiction to my new Keurig—oh my, that thing is a godsend. And so fast too. I have two children who truly are my very best friends, and their faces never fail to put a smile on my face. I have been married to my husband for sixteen years, and even though at times I want to beat him with a stick, I would never change the years we have had. We have learned and fallen, only to pick each other up, dust off the ache, and help each other make it right. I am one of those authors that adore my fans. I love to hear from you. After all, it is because of each one of you that I continue to write. I look forward to your feedback. Be sure to follow me to stay up-to-date on all my upcoming releases.

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