Friday, June 23, 2017

Amie's Review of Dangerous Rush by S.C. Stephens

DANGEROUS RUSH, the second book in S.C. Stephens's exciting RUSH series, is now available and we couldn't be more excited! Be sure to grab your copy today!



 Feeling the rush comes with a price… Mackenzie Cox has lost everything—except Hayden Hayes. With Kenzie’s racing career over, and her family no longer speaking to her, Hayden has been her rock, as she tries to pick up the pieces of what was once her life. But when Hayden’s racing team hires his beautiful ex-girlfriend, Felicia, to be their new hotshot rider, Kenzie and Hayden’s seemingly solid relationship begins to crack. Kenzie can only watch from the sidelines, as Felicia lives the life she was forced to leave behind, and as tension begins to build between Hayden and Kenzie, she wonders if Hayden isn’t the man she once knew.      

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  After the way book 1 ended I was excited to start this book. We start with a glimpse into Hayden's past so we can understand a bit about why Felicia's showing up is such slap to the face. It was crazy to read about Hayden's past and the things that he went through years ago with his friends. They had a rough time and now 4 years later it seems to have some hope for peace and happiness.

Mackenzie has been blacklisted from racing by her own father, Hayden is at the height of his career. They are in love , happy as they can be and now they are faced with a huge struggle that complicates things even more than they were. Mackenzie and Hayden still had that super hot chemistry and their love for each other was apparent. Of course due to Felicia and the issue of Mackenzie not racing Hayden makes some really dumb choices and they string us along with suspense and angst wondering if and when the other shoe will drop. As much as I was mad with some of Hayden's choices I adored his persistence in his love for her and his determination to right the wrongs done to her. The backstory of Antonia is heartbreaking and it was emotional to go through her struggles with them all as well. True to SC Stephens style there was never a dull moment and plenty of that gut wrenching agony of what will happen and when. 

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Mackenzie Cox has a lot to prove. Daughter of a racing legend, she is eager to show the world that she has inherited her father’s talent in the male-dominated sport of professional motorcycle racing. The last thing Kenzie needs is to be antagonized by her rival team’s newest rider, Hayden Hayes. Plucked from the world of illegal street racing, Hayden immediately gets under Kenzie’s skin. His insinuations that Kenzie is a spoiled princess who was handed her career fuels her desire to win, and much to her surprise, Kenzie soon learns she performs better when she’s racing against Hayden. As Kenzie and Hayden push each other on the track, the electric energy between them off the track shifts into and intense—and strictly forbidden—attraction. The only rule between their two ultra-competitive teams is zero contact. Kenzie always does her best to play by the rules, but when her team slips into a financial crisis, she has no choice but to turn to Hayden for help. The tension simmers during their secret, late-night rendezvous, but Kenzie has too much to lose to give in to her desires. Especially when she begins to doubt that Hayden has completely left his street life behind…  

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S.C. Stephens is a bestselling author who enjoys spending every free moment she has creating stories that are packed with emotion and heavy on romance. Her debut novel, Thoughtless, an angst-filled loved triangle charged with insurmountable passion and the unforgettable Kellan Kyle, took the literary world by storm. Amazed and surprised by the response to the release of Thoughtless in 2009, more stories were quick to follow. Stephens has been writing nonstop ever since. In addition to writing, Stephens enjoys spending lazy afternoons in the sun reading fabulous novels, loading up her iPod with writer’s block reducing music, heading out to the movies and spending quality time with her friends and family. She currently resides in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her two equally beautiful children.


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