Monday, October 3, 2016

Sheri's Review of Nitro's Torment by Nina Levine



 Tatum Lee is a pain in my ass. She’s stubborn, full of attitude, and she doesn’t like to do what she’s told. And yet, at a time when I should be focusing on the war my club is at, she consumes my mind because she’s also fearless and fierce, and I’ve never met a woman like her. The thing about war, though, is the minute you let your focus drop, your enemy rises up and attacks. And sometimes they bring you to your knees in ways you never imagined. The other thing about war? You learn just what you’re capable of doing to protect those you love.




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 Who doesn't love a hot sexy biker who is rough around the edges but then is soft on the inside? But what's even better is when that sexy biker meets his match and is taken down by a equally sexy, rough around the edges female....... If this is something that you think you might be into reading then Nitro and Tatum are the couple to follow. Nitro's Torment is the second book in the Sydney Storm's MC series by Nina Levine but can be read as a stand alone. It however the previous characters from book 1 make appearances but not enough to disturb this story. Oh and what a story it is.

Nitro is what every red blooded woman wants in a guy. Yes, he may be bossy and broody but that can all be worked on if the right girl comes around. We find that he is fiercely loyal and sometimes to a fault but that just makes the reader fall in love with him even more. We find out throughout the story line that Nitro has his own demons and they plot definitely thickens towards the end of the book when his past comes back. 

The banter between Nitro and Tatum was just hilarious. I absolutely loved how Tatum did not let anyone push her around. It didn't matter if it was Nitro, her boss Billy or even Storm's President King, she knew how to stand her ground and get what she wants. However she may seem strong, we find that Tatum has cracks in her armor. She is pledged with nightmares and the need for revenge. But with Nitro reluctantly there she finds ways to deal with her issues. This closeness soon draws the two together and let me just say that when they both finally give into each other fireworks definitely fly. 

The sex scenes are TREMENDOUS... there were a few times I caught myself blushing at what I was reading. Weather it was the actually sexual act or the surprising things that were being said by the characters, it definitely got my mind racing.

Just on a side note: I did read Book 1 and gave it 3 stars because I felt the story line kinda blah but this book was amazing. To me its the breakout book of this series and Nitro's attitude and demeanor was the main reason. Something about him just made me like him a lot better than the previous characters. But to each their own. Read the books and you be the judge. I am totally looking forward to the next books in the series. 




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  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful review, Sheri! I'm so happy you loved Nitro & Tatum xx