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Amie's Review of The Promise by Melody Grace ~ BOOK TOUR ~



“Promise me one thing. Promise me you’ll live.”
Emotional.  Beautiful.  Love.
The Promise by Melody Grace is NOW AVAILABLE!!
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Claire Fortune arrives in Boston with an old notebook and her best friend’s dying wish – to finish the scribbled bucket list that Hope didn’t have time to complete. Moment by moment, Claire builds a life she never dreamed of – until Theo walks into the coffee-shop one crisp September afternoon, and her careful plans scatter on the winds.

Sometimes a chance meeting can change a life forever.
Sometimes fate knows exactly what we need.

Perfect for fans of ‘Me Before You’ and ‘The Fault in Our Stars’, ‘The Promise’ brings together two people searching for a love that can overcome tragedy. A heartbreakingly romantic novel that challenges us to live – and love - every day as if it were our last.
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I have always enjoyed reading Melody Grace and her series - this is a standalone and the synopsis had me intrigued. I knew it would be an adventure , I was assuming there would be some pain and heartache , I was curious to meet Theo and being from Mass. I loved that it was taking place in Boston !! I just honestly was not prepared for that one little piece of the story that Claire was holding back from us. A difficult story to review due to high emotion and many chances for spoilers so I will be short and brief !!

Claire is off to Boston to start a new life and do just what her best friend's dying wish was -

She has a new roommate , job and a handful of friends. She keeps her list safe waiting for the chances to come so she can do those things Hope wanted to do. The one thing Claire isn't ready for is Theo. Working on a college campus provides much business for the coffee shop , so many people in and out daily but none like Theo !! Claire and Theo have a special chemistry and I really enjoyed getting to know them and seeing where their new found relationship would bring them. Again I was NOT expecting Claire's bit of news and it was hard to read - such a reality on top of something already heartbreaking to read. I laughed , I cried and I was shocked. I had hoped for a better outcome but also appreciate the author's execution of her story !!

Author Information

Hi! I’m Melody Grace, author of the bestselling Beachwood Bay series. Some things about me:

1 I’m a small-town girl turned California beach lover.

2 I spent my childhood with my nose in a book before deciding to try and write one myself. I love all kinds of genres – from thrillers to YA and mystery – but romance has always been a passion of mine.

3 I love pistachio ice-cream, vanilla lattes, bad action movies, and Grey’s Anatomy (yes, I’m still watching… I can’t quit!).

4 I have an uncanny sense of direction. I once drove halfway across Canada without GPS or a map!

5 I have two adorable rascal cats named Bucky and Steve, I rescued them as kittens, and yes, I spoil them rotten.

6 I’m allergic to chocolate 🙁

7 I love sexy, heart-felt reads with strong heroines and swoon-worthy men. Why don’t you check out a couple of my books and meet your new book boyfriends?


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