Monday, April 17, 2017

Amie's Review of Bed Of Lies by Niquel ~ RELEASE BLITZ ~ GIVEAWAY ~

Title: Bed of Lies
Series: Bed of Lies Vol 1
Author: Niquel
Genre: Dark Erotic Romance Standalone
Release Date: April 14, 2017

I used to be naïve.
I used to think monsters didn’t exist.
I used to think I was safe, untouchable, and free from harm. 
Boy was I wrong...
My name is Whitney, and I used to think my old life was mediocre and boring. I thought I was missing out on something exciting. Now that Linc has shown me how dark and twisted life can be, I’d go back in a heartbeat...

This is book 1 in an upcoming 3 book dark erotic standalone series! 

“Very dark but wow!” - Reader Review
“Wow!!!” - Reader Review
"I thought I had it figured out but I was wrong and I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome." - United Indie Book Blog


WOW this is the kind of dark and twisted that has you wondering how can anyone survive this crazy !! I am still a bit undecided on how I feel about what may or may not have - right since this is crazy - happened to Rebel. Linc may have been one messed up man BUT Red was no better. I mean I don't even think I can consider Rebel sane because she seems to be all in at one point. Human sex trafficking is obviously not something I would approve of BUT that is just a piece of the story - a piece of Linc's past. What he has planned leaves so much to the imagination I honestly have no clue where the next part will take us ?? Of course I am eager to find out...

Niquel is a self diagnosed coffee addict, lover of rice and beans, and chocolate—preferably not all together. She’s the creator of multiple stories full of love, passion, and power. She may toss in a ghost story every once in a while.
When she’s not busy taking care of her two little girls, she's writing or creating graphics or you can find her binge watching TV with her significant other. 
Boston born and raised, she’s always been a creative soul: attending multiple colleges to develop her love of the visual arts.


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