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Amie's Review of Jude by Kathy Coopmans ~ BOOK TOUR ~


From USA Today Best-Selling Author
comes the second book in a series of standalones in The Saint Series.

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I faked my way long enough by keeping my mouth shut, painting a fake smile on my face and focusing hard on my job.
I quit going out to find that random piece of ass.
Not a one of them would stand up to her anyway.
She hates me, loathes me even.
Little does Vivian Shepard know I’ve got more tricks up my sleeve than she will ever begin to imagine to get her to change her mind, to get my chance.
I’m not giving up.
I want her, and by God, I’ll fight as dirty as I can get to have her.
No matter what!

Of course, I knew it was a one- night stand.
It’s was the perfect night before all hell broke loose to be quite honest.
Drinking, talking and flirting.
One I relished in as I tried to gravitate my mind back to solid ground after soaring so high I could feel the rush of flying.
My stomach dipped, my heart fluttered, and my toes curled inward and then I splattered to the hard surface of the ground.
Jude Westbrooke opened his big fat mouth.
He ruined it, ruined me, ruined it all.

jude teaser 2.jpg

“We need to talk.” I finally manage to pull away from her. My eyes are diverting from her mouth to her soaked t-shirt. “Fuck,” I snarl. Her pink nipples are standing out against the wet fabric, which is white and very thin. My gaze darkens the further south it goes, down to her tiny little pink and white shorts that are saturated. Rivulets of water are dripping down her long, toned legs, dripping off her silky skin to mix with the giant puddle on the floor.
“You look absolutely beautiful, Red.”
“What in the hell are you doing here, Jude? It’s a monsoon out there. And what gives you the right to barge into my house and attack me like that, anyway? Have you lost your mind?” She shoves me back a step and climbs off the counter, nearly falling on her ass in the process. Slippery when wet, baby! The spell is broken.
“I didn’t lose my mind. You fucking stole it. I can’t stop thinking about you, and no matter what you try and say, I know damn well you don’t want me to. So we are talking, goddamn it!” I yell.
“Well, that sure didn’t sound like talking to me. And take your mind back. I don’t want it.” Liar.
“No, darling, it wasn’t talking. What that was, was several months of pent-up frustration over wanting more of what you gave me the night we met. What that was, was me telling you that I’m not a man who walks away from something he knows is rare. You want to give me my mind back, then let me give you something more to stew about in that pretty head of yours. You are so full of shit if you think for one second I’m buying the piss-ass excuse that you don’t want me. And before your head gets all rattled and you start spewing more of your shit, I’m not talking about sex, Vivian. I’m talking about you. The woman I know is in there, but is too fucking stubborn to let the best side of her out. I want that woman. The woman I met before I fucked shit up. The woman I want to ask out on a date. So, you know what? I’m here to tell you that once you decide to let that woman emerge, you give me a call.”
I turn to leave and grab the door handle. I’m so fucking mad she isn’t trying to stop me like she should that I could spit nails into this door. Hammer this goddamn thing shut.
“I’m telling you right the hell now, Vivian, that if you don’t call me, then you are wasting what I know for a goddamn fact would be the greatest gift given to me, which is you.”
jude teaser 1.jpg


First I will say I did NOT read Riddick yet - had planned to because I was busy and missed the release/tour for it BUT will do so soon because I want a few pieces now that I know things that had happened previously !! This is Jude and Vivian's story - how about that cover !! I swear when he gets up and puts his glasses on I want to jump him !! I love the mentions of them in the story. Cover definitely goes with his character and gives many nice visuals - especially while he dirty talks...
Vivian has been hurt and while in hospital we find Jude there always lingering and feeling guilt for the way he treated Vivian after their night together. We get a feel for how they know each other and if you read Riddick's story you obviously know more of that and what exactly happened to Vivian and between her and Jude. Jude continues to kick himself for his behavior the whole time Vivian is gone. He doesn't know where she is or when she will come back BUT he is ready to win her love any way he can. For six months Vivian is away from her loved ones and although she is happy to be home to see Cora and Ethan she is not happy about the lingering presence of Jude AGAIN. Once they clear the air it becomes a bit easier for them to give into their feelings and be honest with each other. We know from all their inner dialogue that they both want each other BUT they do a great job at trying to keep that locked up. In the midst of Jude and Vivian building a relationship a storyline has been building for months with a woman stalking Jude. Letters , pictures , threats and more have been puzzling him for months and there has been no trace of evidence left to figure out who she is. As this threat moves onto loved ones and closer to home the story turns from a hot and steamy love story to a suspenseful story of who it is and what will happen. This group of family and friends are no stranger to the dangers of life but it still has you on the edge wondering if everyone will come out of this unharmed.
Tyson's book is next and there is plenty of set up for that mixed in here.

About the Author:
Kathy Coopmans
Amazon Best Selling Author Kathy Coopmans, lives in Michigan with her husband Tony where they have two grown sons.
After raising her children she decided to publish her first book and retiring from being a hairstylist.
She now writes full time.
She's a huge sports fan with her favorite being Football and Tennis.
She's a giver and will do anything she can to help another person succeed!


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