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Amie's Review of Systematic Siege Part Four by N. Isabelle Blanco

Title: Systematic Siege: Part 4
Series: Siege Serial #4
Author: N. Isabelle Blanco
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: July 7, 2017


He’s a monster. An even bigger one than I ever imagined . . . 

But he’s not the monster I thought he was.

No. He’s deadlier. Madder.

He’s not the monster I set out to destroy. Instead, he’s the monster that will annihilate everything in his path.

A monster that looked me in the eyes and admitted he killed his ex-best friend. For me. 

And he’s going to do it again. Andrew Drevlow has sworn vengeance on my behalf and nothing I do or say will stop him.

But he’s not the most twisted creature here. I am.

I don’t want to stop him.

His bloodlust ignites my soul.

His rage leaves my heart pounding with hunger.

I’m fragile, distorted, my entire reality realigning itself, and in a single broken moment I realize:

His obsession with me has turned psychotic.

My newly awakened obsession with him has become even worse . . .

Disclaimer: Systematic Siege is a series of Dark Romance novellas, each roughly 20,000 words long or less. Due to sensitive subject matter, please read with caution. This series features dark themes that aren’t for everyone.

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He made me come all over his tongue in that dream, his fingers relentless inside me.

It’s all I can think about as he paces in front of me, his tall, muscular body lovingly encased in that charcoal suit.

He’s talking about some event he’s going to tonight on behalf of the company; that much I know. His raspy, deep voice has become the perfect backdrop to my pounding heart.

My phone’s vibrating in my palm. I’m busy pretending I’m taking notes as Drew speaks.

In reality, I’m watching the headlines come in, one after the other, thanks to the alert I set on my phone.

I dare a quick peek at my notifications bar.

Barnard Wellington Missing.

Son of Corporate Tycoon Had Been in Hiding Prior to Disappearing.

Barnard Wellington: Everything You Need to Know About His Fall.

My heart races harder and I quickly return my attention to Drew, my mind a confused whirlwind of contradicting thoughts.

I don’t know why, but I know this has to do with you. Bullshit. I know why. The psychotic look in his eyes when I refused to tell him what Stephen did to me is one I’ll never forget.

God damn it. Your tongue. I had forgotten how good it feels. He made me feel pleasure for the first time in seven years.

First, in the back of my car.

Then, he began haunting my dreams again.

Fuck. That dream I had two nights ago seemed so real. As if he’d actually been in my room, eating my pussy so lovingly.

You’re my enemy. Yet he decided to help my mother of his own volition, before I even asked him to.

The gratitude is still a heady sensation in my veins. I want him, this man who is my enemy. This man that once betrayed me.

I shouldn’t. God help me, I shouldn’t. Hating him is second nature. Has been for the last seven years. It hasn’t gone away.

I think I hate him even more now because all I can think about is walking up to him and biting that sexy, thick neck.

I’d do it hard. Mark him. Possibly draw blood.

“I’ll need you to come with me to the event tonight.”

His words slap me out of my sex-starved haze. “No.”

Drew slows in his pacing. Then, he comes to a full stop, his head swiveling in my direction. “Excuse me?” His eyes are hard. His jaw clenches. This is both the man that seems to be obsessed with me and my boss glaring in outrage at my denial.

My entire body tenses on the chair, preparing for battle, every instinct aware of his aggression rising in the room. “I read your calendar and the briefs of what that event is going to entail. You don’t need me with you.”

But I need distance. Time to myself. Looking at him is enough to erase any sexual trauma. I feared sex for so long.

Yet now I’m crazed to suck his cock.

Writhe on it.

“You’re right. I don’t need you with me for this event.” He starts walking to me and something about his gait seems cruel. “What I do need is you by my side.” Drew grabs the armrests and leans down, trapping me with that ruthless, unrelenting gaze. “At all times. I went seven years without you—don’t ask me to spend another needless minute more.”

“What?” I snap, annoyed at his closeness. At the things he makes me want to do. “You’re planning on moving in, too, just to keep me close at all times?”

His lips twitch and all I want to do is rub my clit all over them. “Don’t tempt me, baby.”

My thighs quiver. I tense them, knowing that he’ll see if I press them together. My pussy aches so bad my teeth start grinding. “I have a choice.” The statement holds no authority, just the softness of a woman in heat.

God damn, his fucking scent.

I press back into the chair, desperate for some space.

Drew’s eyes search mine, before falling to my lips. I gasp as he bites his bottom lip slowly.

He’s going to kiss me.

If he does, I’m going to snap and attack him. Force him to fuck me right on his desk.

He’s still staring at my lips, his pupils slowly expanding until his eyes appear black.

Panicking, I blurt out the first thing that comes to mind. “If you want me to go the event, you’ll answer a question for me and you’ll answer it honestly.”

He backs up a bit at that, seeming surprised. “I’m your boss, remember?” His eyebrow quirks with amusement.

I glare at him and push against his chest until he finally eases away from me. “You want me here more than I want to be here.”

His eyes flash with pain and I blink in surprise at the regret I feel. “You’re probably right about that baby.”

That fucking word. The way he says it.

As if seven years didn’t pass. As if he never betrayed me. As if we’re still back there, in the field, where he’s making all his pretty, glittery promises and pretending I’m his world.
You are his world. No idea where that thought came from but I shove it down. Lifting my chin, I stare at him right in the eyes. “If you want me to come, tell me. Where’s Barnard Wellington right now?”


So this may be part 4 of the serial but I swear I could read 10 more parts of this before I was bored of the dark , suspenseful story !! I love the thrill of a serial but I was lucky enough to have all 4 parts of this at the same time so I was able to read it somewhat straight through !! Will Lexi and Drew ever escape their past ?? Drew is seeking revenge on anyone and anything that hurt Lexi and I think Lexi's path of revenge has finally changed and maybe - just maybe they can find their way to the happiness they once dreamed of having together...  Obviously because this is a quick read and part of a serial I don't want to give anything away. If you like the dark/suspenseful this is your read !! And if you are unsure of that this is the perfect way to see if you enjoy it !!

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WOW I am so happy I have this as the set - these serials are super quick to read and so full of goodness I can't even begin to think of how to review without spoiling !! Each piece ends with a bang and the next starts where it left off. You get answers to questions and stories from the past BUT will we ever get the resolve both Drew and Lexi need and deserve ??

Part 1 -
I love this story already because Drew and Lexi knew each other as kids and had a deep connection that they both cherished and someone sought out to ruin. Drew is now running his father's company and finally hoping to find his girl and get his revenge. Little does he know the reunion may happen sooner than later AND it may not be as easy and sweet as he expects. Lexi may have never forgotten Drew BUT what she has harboured all these years may not be the same love Drew has felt.

Part 2 -
So now we know Lexi's piece of the story - sorry Drew - you may find out at some point !! It is obvious the chemistry is still there but can they get past their past together and apart to finally come together and have happiness. Lexi wants revenge as does Drew but can they achieve that without total honesty ?? Drew's thoughts drive me crazy , he is super hot and dirty !! I am glad that Lexi is weak for him !! The further we get into the story the more twisted it becomes.

Part 3 -
Drew is attempting to make up for his mistakes AND get his revenge all in the same breath. Can he get the truth from Lexi and can they get on the same page ?? The people in their past are ruthless and I feel for Lexi because she has suffered through so much only to find a lot of what she thought wasn't even true. I feel lucky to have these parts all together so I can fly through and not be left hanging !! Each part leaves you wanting more and I am nervous to see what part 4 brings.

4 stars for each part and 5 stars as a whole !!

Author Bio

N. Isabelle Blanco is the Amazon Bestselling Author of the Allure Series, the Need Series with K.I. Lynn, and many others. At the age of three, due to an odd fascination with studying her mother’s handwriting, she began to read and write. By the time she’d reached kindergarten, she had an extensive vocabulary and her obsession with words began to bleed into every aspect of her life.

That is, until coffee came a long and took over everything else.

Nowadays, N. spends most of her days surviving the crazy New York rush and arguing with her characters every ten minutes or so, all in the hopes of one day getting them under control.

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